Magis Little Flare Table

Category: Furniture

Brand: Magis

Model: Little Flare Table

Color: White/Red

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City: Brooklyn

State: NY

Zip: 11201

description: The Me Too Collection by Magis, including Little Flare Table, is an offering of products that stimulate children's perceptions as they take stock of what the adult dimension will be like. Not simply a scale reduction of the adult world, but a token of love and an intelligent welcome to the smiles of tomorrow. Me Too: I'm here too and I deserve my place among everything else.

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condition: Good

year of purchase: 2013

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Encourage your child’s artistic development with the Little Flare Table from Magis. It’s a stylish way for kids to host tea parties, do homework or engage in arts and crafts. Best of all, the design doesn’t just encourage kids to express themselves, it actually provides a mechanism for doing so. Each leg is hollow and made from clear ABS plastic, which means whatever goes inside becomes part of the visible design. To make the most of this opportunity, you could have your kids make drawings on sketchpad sheets, then roll up the sheets and insert them into the leg to show them off. When you’re ready for a change you can remove the sheet and replace it with another. Kids will feel great about decorating their own personalized piece of furniture. Or, you can leave the legs empty or fill them up with whatever strikes your fancy. Got a beach house? Put in sand and shells. Like colored marbles? Fill ‘er up! The table top is made of MDF and comes in a Salad decorative pattern with four removable red pen holders above each leg. Designed in 2005 by Marcel Wanders for Magis’ Me Too Collection of children’s furnishings. A really special piece for the creative family. Dimensions Legs: 21 1/4 h Table Top: 39 1/2 l x 29 1/2 w

asking price: $ 199

retail price: $ 400

saving: 50.25 %

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