moving on

Today we moved from our SoHo loft, where both of our kids were born (not literally).  We are really excited about our new apartment and neighborhood (also downtown), but also quite nostalgic.   It seems like yesterday that we brought them home from the hospital, the little nuggets tucked snuggly in their car seats (now they beg me to sit in the driver’s seat – not happening of course).  It’s been an incredibly special and memorable five years filled with lots of exciting events and many firsts.  As we were packing, pouring over each and every belonging (keep, sell, throw out, donate?), we couldn’t help reflect over all the memories. Our son sleeping soundly in his crib that first night (and us checking every moment we could), our daughter happily eating mashed peas in her high chair, the two of them crawling around in their cute little clothes. Parting with some of these things is hard.  So it felt good to know that the owners of our old apartment would be using some of this loved and gently used baby gear for their own children.  As our family has grown out of these items, now it’s their turn to create their own memories.  It may sound cliche but it all goes so fast – it feels good to take a moment and reflect..

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