Q & A with Christiane Lemieux, Founder of Dwell Studio

Super mom, career woman extraordinaire, taste-maker, bon vivant, renaissance woman, Christiane, is the founder and creative force behind DwellStudio, and a dear friend who inspires us every day.  She is an incredible person, and obviously incredibly talented.  For those of you who are into design and haven’t read her book, Undecorate, I highly recommend getting it.  Enjoy our Q & A with Christiane, and see how one mom tries to do it all.

Why you love living in NYC?
I think that New York is the most amazing place.  You can walk everywhere so you have a small town experience in your neighborhood AND live in one of the most dynamic cities… Plus – who knew that the most gorgeous beaches you could imagine are such a short distance away?  Before moving to New York – I had no idea!

What you most love about your home?
The open space – I can cook dinner and interact with my family.  It just flows so well.

Favorite part of your kids’ rooms?
The bedding and decore :)




Top three tips for decorating a kids room or nursery:
Black out shades – get them...they will save your life and sleep...
storage, storage storage...you can’t even conceive how much you will need it !
Don’t go crazy...you will be switching it up all the time...that is why reCrib is such a great idea...

What inspires you?
Travel, museums, flea markets.... in new and exotic locations.

Define your personal style:
eclectic, modern luxe.

You've said before that fashion, art and travel inspire your designs for dwellstudio. Who are three people (one in each category) inspiring you right now?

Fashion – I am loving Dries Van Noten lately.  I love his mix of textiles.  Amazing, worldly and inspiring.
Art – I just saw the De Kooning show at the MOMA and fell in love with his amazing pinks, oranges and greens.  Fabulous.
Travel – Who does it better than Angelina and Brad?  How can I get my kiddies to Cambodia for the week?

I know you love mixing modern with vintage. What is your favorite source for vintage items?
3 Favorite sources are 1st Dibs, Ebay and V&M.

How do you balance your busy schedule with being a mom to two amazing kids?
Hmmmm – I am not sure that balance is a good word for my life. Just today, I was late for a meeting because my son had a school interview.  It’s a constant push pull. I need balancing tips!  I am constantly canvassing my mom friends for ideas.  A recent one – put your kids clothes AND yours out the night before when you are not harried during the morning rush.

Favorite hotel for family traveling? for design? for getting away from it all?
Family Hotel – We LOVE the Round Hill in Jamaica.  We have been going for years and know the staff.  It is the one place my kids can roam free.  That is amazing for city kids.

For design - I am dying to try the new “ La Maison des Centraliens” by Martin Margiela in Paris!


Getting away from it all...
The Six Senses in Vietnam - http://www.sixsenses.com/SixSensesConDao/

Top three destinations on your must-visit list?

Three dinner guests?
Right this minute I would like to invite -

Sheryl Sandberg
Martha Stewart
Anna Wintour

I think that would be fun and I could do a lot of brain picking. This changes daily though.

Last meal before you die?
Baguette, Many Delicious Perfectly Ripe Cheeses and a perfect Burgundy (maybe from the DRC) - I am French afterall...

Favorite recent restaurant experience?
I just had Omakase at Sushi of Gari for the first time...wow..it was amazing.

What's it like to work with your husband? Best and worst part?
Best – Flexibility – for example we never have issues with travel – we can pick up and go as a family. Or school function – we can be be there....it’s pretty great!
Worst – taking work home – unavoidable and draining.

Companies or brands that inspire you right now?
Google – for constant innovation – wow.  I want to be part of the Beta of what ever they are doing.

What's next for DwellStudio?
Shhhh – looks like a store.

You accomplished so much as a professional and as a mom. What is something you still hope to do, see or accomplish in your life?

I would love to go to medical school and become a Doctor – crazy right?

Thank you, Christiane. I bet we'll be making that Dr. appointment to see you one day!

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