Meet Stacey Fraser, Founder of Pink Chicken

In addition to being a dear friend, Stacey is the founder of one of our favorite lines of children’s clothing, Pink Chicken (which excitingly now offers designs for moms too!). When we had our design store Clio, the only non-tableware items we sold were these amazing little dresses from Pink Chicken. We didn’t care that they didn’t fit into the theme of our store, we just loved them and knew other parents would too. Stacey’s super chic dresses, shirts, skirts and leggings are sold at Barneys NY and other top shops across the country – and she just opened her second PC store, this one on Madison & 88th on the Upper East Side of NYC.   Oh and did we mention that she is an amazing mom to two adorable girls? Here’s more on Stacey – we think she’s awesome!

When did you get the first inkling that you wanted to be a fashion designer?  Did you redesign your dolls clothes or were your childhood drawings all styled out?

My grandmothers were both in fashion – one owned her own womens clothing store in Ohio and I loved hanging out in her store on my summer visits.  The other was a bridal designer in New York.  I used to love to visit her and always created little outfits for me and my dolls!


Did your parents do anything to foster your passion for design?

They let me cut up my clothes and put them back together when I was in high school. Which when I think of my kids doing that now, it would freak me out, but they really gave me the freedom to be creative in every way.

How did you start your company?

I took a year off from working when my second daughter Sadie was born. Towards the end of the year, I started getting antsy so I started making dresses for my girls.  People commented on how much they loved them and I thought maybe I could make this into a business.   I had helped to build other brands for 15 years, maybe I should just go for it and I did!

Define Pink Chicken’s style.

Easy, breezy bohemian style that is no fuss and always stylish.    We have a love of vintage textiles and Indian block printing so we love to layer print on print.

You have such great personal style. Define it for us. And please feel free to offer any tips for capturing such a cool casual yet super stylish look.

I would say I dress very Pink Chicken.   I wear a dress 90% of the time – with boots in the winter, and a sandal in the summer!   Always print, always color.   Love to layer patterns…putting a great statement necklace with it makes you look more pulled together.

Where did you grow up, and was design a part of your upbringing in any way?

I Grew up in Northern VA.

Where do you live now, and what are your favorite kid friendly neighborhood haunts?

We live in Greenwich Village with our 2 daughters and dog Clyde.  A great Italian restaurant on our street called Gradisca.  They are SO great with the kids and the pasta is homemade by the grandmother, she rolls gnocchi right there!  Morandi is another great place we go with kids.  Also, you can’t go wrong with brunch at Pastis.

You also have such a beautiful home. What are your favorite design sources or tips for turning a simple room into something fab.

I used to LOVE Domino magizine, and was so sad when they shut down – but thrilled to learn they have a new issue out on the 334 best makeovers and easy decorating tips!  Can’t wait to pick it up!  I would say to turn a simple room fabulous – add a bright color or fun wallpaper to an accent wall, and then toss in a few new patterned pillows.

What is your most treasured possession?

I’m having a love affair with my new iphone.   I was one of the last hold outs, convinced I would never switch from my beloved Blackberry.  I finally did, and my life has changed. I finally feel cool! but seriously, I now listen to music on the subway to and from work that I haven’t listened to in years. . . have a great camera at my daughters school assemblies and cannot stop playing solitaire.

How do you balance running a business and being a mom?

Very carefully. J when you run your own business its 24/7 in your head, always thinking about what needs to get done but the best part is getting to take my kids to school everyday and volunteer for field trips and make every ballet recital or hockey game.   also building a good team around me here at Pink Chicken has been critical as well as having the best nanny you could ever ask for.  she has been with us for 8 years and it such an important part of our family.

What is the activity with kids, you least like (my wife tries to avoid a playground)?

I am with Michelle. . . I find the playground so boring. . . I’d rather do activities that we both love like doing art and crafts projects together, riding bikes, playing board games.

What is your ideal Sunday with the kids? And how do you like to unwind without them?

Being in our Amagansett home  . . sleeping in (to 8am. . .isn’t it funny that 8am is sleeping in now).   have a nice breakfast – I make a mean omelet . . play some hoops in driveway, ride bikes and head to the beach.   to unwind without them, I love to take a spin class at soul cycle, the best workout ever and emotionally clears my head and then dinner and movie with hubby.

If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That is a hard one because I love food.   Can’t force me to pick!

What would your last meal be?

A dinner at Minetta Tavern – a thick juicy steak and simple green salad with their coconut cake for dessert.

What is your favorite secret junk food?

Can’t believe I am going to admit this but it’s hostess mini white powered donuts.

Which vice could you NOT live without:  coffee or wine? for sure coffee.

I love coffee.  the more ice the better. . . and now the girls in the office have me addicted to iced soy dirty chais!   (a chai latte with shot of espresso!)

Favorite kids book?

My six year old just started reading the Elephant and Piggie books.  Very funny.  From Mo Williams, the same author as the Pigeon books.

What are you going to do this Mother’s Day – and any specific gift you are hoping for?

I just booked a massage for myself, can’t wait!    Also, I think we might go to the Brooklyn Flea – I’ve never been and have always wanted to and could use a dose of inspiration and the food stands are suppose to be delicious!

How do your kids inspire you?

Their courage and unconditional love always blows me away.  when I watch them sleeping at night sometimes I get weepy that we created these amazing creatures and how lucky I am that I get to be their mom. . . it makes me want to be a better person.

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